WORX WG175 32-Volt Lithium MAX Cordless Grass Trimmer and Edger with Wheel Set

by Dan | Last Updated: March 25, 2021

Are you burned out after hauling around a smelly, heavy gas trimmer, or perhaps finding yourself tripping over your electric trimmer cord? Worry no more, the new WORX WG175 32-Volt Lithium MAX Cordless Grass Trimmer and Edger with Wheel Set could definitely turn out to be the best option for you. Perhaps you may feel skeptical about this.

However, with this model, issues that affected previous models have been fixed. What this model promises is ease of use. This means that it works the way that it is supposed to, and the way that you would expect it to. It is also very comfortable to use and hold.


This worx hedge trimmer offers a longer battery life and comes with 32 volts of battery power, giving you a total of about 35 minutes of running time. It also comes equipped with a cutting diameter that spans about 12 inches, meaning you can complete trimming jobs in less time with just minimal effort.

This trimmer model may also be converted to a mini-mover or an edger in just a few seconds, depending on your actual trimming needs. It also comes with dual-positioned in-line wheels which also makes edging a total breeze.

This model also comes with a mini-mower feature which makes it easy to complete a detailed trim, and can also be used in landscaping areas that are hard to reach around your lawn area. With the 100% single line feed of this trimmer, there is no need to bump in order to extend the line.

Surprisingly, it also comes equipped with a flower space guard which serves a dual function: firstly, as an edger guide, and secondly, as a vegetation protector. The advance lock adjustments of this model also focus on providing maximum comfort, and at the same time performing other tasks such as trimming, edging, as well as mowing.

This product weighs 6 pounds, making it extremely easy to use and lightweight at the same time. It can help in achieving a professional looking lawn with its high-product performance, less required effort, less fatigue, and less time required. With this model, you can easily level up your grass trimming and edging.

At the same time, it is also packed with a 32-volt lithium battery, which means that it can perform at twice the capacity of earlier versions. This also means that the trimmer has the capacity to run for up to 35 minutes straight without any interruption in a standard grass condition. This battery is also rechargeable which means that it can get charged for three hours without any worry of self-discharging.

Generally, the battery is not charged the moment that you purchase. Therefore, it is advised that if you use this trimmer for the very first time, make sure that it is fully charged first. The initial charging may be done after 12 hours.

However, after the first use, it can be charged for up to 3 hours. As an additional tip, make sure that it does not run out of charge completely because this might kill the battery. As it only comes with a weight of 6 pounds, this model is unquestionably lighter compared to others. This feature offers a great deal of comfort to the user since it is quite easy to hold and may be carried easily even by using less effort.

Another feature that it offers is that the engine can start immediately and easily without any repeated pulls at all. Therefore, starting up your machine may be done faster. Also, the battery improvement done to this machine provides comfort because it vibrates less, making it quieter than ever.

With this model’s trimmer to edger converter, you can easily use this unit in just a single pull of the head, turning it into an edger which can be used for more detailed landscaping work. You may also do the needed adjustments using the shaft for more comfort and control.

Also, its 3-in-1 function makes it an edger, trimmer and mower all in one. This versatility makes it possible to achieve precision and accuracy in work with the use of these three features depending on the needs of the moment. Also, this model is equipped with a wheel set which may be used together with your mower as needed.


  • 3-in-1 function
  • Ease of use
  • Highly versatile
  • Comfortable to use
  • Long battery life


  • The handle is short enough
  • Awkward positioning of the secondary handle (which may be awkward for right-handed individuals)


This Worx lawn edger is unquestionably one of the best and the most competitive trimmer and edgers available in the market these days. It comes with various attachments and adjustments, a long battery life, as well as a light weight.

It can easily be used as an edger, a trimmer, and a mower, all depending on how you want to use it. At the same time, it does not limit you at all. Giving it a try is one of the best things that you can do. After all, it has achieved a high satisfaction rate from customers, and is thus highly rated. Most importantly, being cordless gives you more freedom of movement, making it more comfortable and easy for you to use.

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