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Who are we?
Here at eatingweedz.com, we endeavor to give you accurate and unbiased information about different types of weed whackers. We feature machines for the different genders, for instance, those suitable for ladies and gents. We also review weed eaters that differ depending on target ages, such as kids and adults and the type of fuel used, for example, those that run on a mixture of Gas and oil and the electric type.
We provide you with useful information on how you can troubleshoot them. For instance, what you can do if the machine fails to start, rough idling, Engine running but not working, engine running hot, engine running but the weed eater isn’t cutting any grass and other problems that may crop up while utilizing these devices.
Moreover, garden maintenance pieces of advice that give you insightful tidbits of information that can help you keep your garden in tip-top condition.
Our easy to follow how-to guides enable you to quickly and efficiently utilize the gadgets that we talk about.
Also, our comparisons between the different types of trimmers give you a clear picture of the machine that will cater to your needs; it makes the selection process a walk in the park.
We also feature buying guides for the trimmers and the equipment that comes along with them, to make sure that you have an easy time when determining what to have or ignore.
We give you reviews about the best weed eaters you can find in the market. This comes in handy since it saves you the hassle, money and time you could have wasted on crappy gadgets. We effectively narrow you down and give you the best that is there.

Can you use the same trimmer for all your mowing needs? Nope!
Different lawn surfaces come with different needs. For instance, we write about those with hard to reach areas, tough and rocky ground and so on. In a nutshell, every field is unique in its way.
Therefore, it is essential that you look out for what best suits your lawn for excellent results. For instance, we write about the powerful electric models which are not only environmentally friendly but also powerful, the wheeled models and the small, maneuverable types that can access the hard to reach areas.
Your choice will depend on your ground needs; no explicit choice for you.

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Note that the amount paid to us is on the individual company’s budget and does not affect the price tag of the product in any way.

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As a site that is determined to be of your best interests, we will highly value your positive criticism, as no one has a monopoly of knowledge. Feel free to post us your experiences with these gadgets so that we can inform correctly.
Also, you can ask questions on about these weed eaters. In this way we can improve on the grey areas you might feel are not adequately addressed.
Share out with us information that you think we might have left out in our writing and you can also give testimony if you have gotten value from what we tell you.

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