How to Use a Weed Eater

by Dan | Last Updated: March 25, 2021

A string trimmer works in such a way that a line that is turned fast is held out from its rotating reel stiffly by the working centrifugal force that it has. The faster the turning of the line is then the stiffer it gets. Even a round-section nylon line would be able to cut grass and trim wood plants pretty well.

Within the weed eater are monofilaments that are designed to give more power to the cutters that have an extruded shape like a star.It helps the line to slash the material that is being cut. The line then is able to cut even small shrubs or at least enough to clean them effectively. These lines make the disks less necessary for tough jobs.

In application, those who used weed eaters and have enough skill would appear like they are gliding through the grass at full speed without missing a spot on the lawn, resulting in a very well-balanced lawn with neatly trimmed edges. These people make lawn trimming using weed eaters look easy because they look like they would never seem to stop to rewind the string.

The biggest difference between them and most people’s techniques is that they keep the string too short and “grind” it too hard against the surface.  The reason for this action taken by the majority is that most weed eaters are bought with a guard that cuts the string at a specific length for safety.

As stated before, it is recommended that you have your string out a little longer than where the blade would have cut it. But be careful as it should not be long enough to disturb the motor and lower the speed of the machine.  Take note that the machine should create a constant whirring sound without vibrations.

The next step for the technique is to figure out which way your string is rotating. Usually, the weed eaters out in the market mostly rotate counterclockwise thus you should take the direction of your trimming from the right to the left.

This is an important step for your trimming technique because if the direction is not followed then it will result clippings being thrown out towards the year which the mower would later pick up rather than leaving them up against the fence or house.

Similarly if the weed eater rotates clockwise, trimming should be done from left to right.It is now to time to get your string “singing” before you put it action and start the trimming of your law. This allows you to see the grass that’s being trimmed and keep you away from “grinding” the string against any obstacles or places that you should not trim upon.

To optimize the results of your trimming, it is recommended that you use a 30 degree angle where the grass is shortest against the wall and grades up into the lawn.

Take notice and ensure that you are getting all of the grass without wastefully butchering or throwing the string away.  It is important that your side blade should look like a sharp solid saw blade and that it does not wobble around.

Now that we’ve established the techniques for trimming, we can now safely move on to the necessary procedure.If your weed eater is rotating counterclockwise, stand facing towards your house, then start from the far right side of your lawn and then trim your way to the other side.

If you come to your gate, go inside it and continue trimming all the way around your back fence and yard.Keep the direction of your trimming movement constant: in a right to left motion until you finish the entire yard.

Weed eaters or string trimmers can become dangerous tools. This is due to the fact that these weed eaters can cause debris, including rocks and stones, to go flying in several directions.

For this very reason, it is advised that the person who is using a string trimmer always wear either safety glasses or a visor to protect the face and particularly the eyes as flying stones could result in blindness for life.This does not, however, protect the passersby from any debris and flying stones when they are passing on the yard when you are trimming.

In addition to the possibility of subjecting people to dangerous debris and unexpected flying stones, trimming can also damage plenty of things like your car parked in the garage or breaking your glass windows and other parts of your house.It is important then to secure into place any breakable items and inform other people that you are trimming to lessen these types of accidents.