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Black + Decker LST140C Max Lithium String Trimmer

Looking for a way to make your lawn trimming much easier? Then the Black and Decker LST140C 40V Max Lithium String Trimmer would be the perfect answer to your needs. The Black and Decker is a cordless, battery powered electric weed eater designed to trim your lawn and cut overgrown grass and pesky weeds with no problems at all.


  • High-performance 40V max Lithium ion Battery with state of charge indicator that shows remaining power
  • Power drive high-torque transmission gives you cutting power at the string for clean, fast cuts
  • Automatic feed Spool – afs which automatically feeds trimmer line as needed with no bumping
  • Converts from trimmer to edger in seconds
  • 3 Year limited Warranty

Make your trimming easier with the Black + Decker LST140C.

This string trimmer is a powerful electronic weed eater that is designed to give you efficiency in cutting and freedom as it is cordless and battery powered.

The Black and Decker Trimmer delivers more power from the motor to the cutting string to make your task clean and fast.

With the Black & Decker’s exclusive PowerDrive Transmission, you need not worry about cutting grass that is hard for you to reach as it can cut where mowers can’t reach while maintaining a neat edging along hard surfaces.

Furthermore, the Black and Decker String Trimmer runs on a 40V Max Lithium battery That allows you to trim your lawn much longer than any other cordless electric weed eaters.

The batteries provide up to a 33 percent increase in battery pack capacity on a single charge. Also, this battery is easily removable with just a click of the button, making your maintenance much easier.

LST140C 40V Max Lithium String Trimmer also has a PowerCommand dial that allows you to freely choose between max power to tackle thick weeds or the max runtime setting to increase battery life.

This electronic weed eater can easily cut twice the amount of branches at a single time.

In conclusion, the Black and Decker Trimmer is the perfect powerful string electric weed eater for your large yard as it gives not only convenience but quality, and features that allow you to finish the task faster than ever before.

This weed eater is highly recommended by users who bought the product and are highly reviewed and praised because of its excellence performance.

Surely, the Black and Decker Trimmer would be a wonderful trimmer for your yard.


How does the Black + Decker LST140C compare to other products?  Worry not, we will try to answer questions of your by comparing it to other products of a similar model and see how it stands.

BLACK+DECKER LST140C vs. GreenWorks 21332 G-MAX

Make your trimming easier and faster with these electric weed eaters. These electric weed eaters are both cordless allowing you to freely cut and trim your yard of any area with no problem at all as they are both not restricted by a cord.

Although they do not enjoy the same unlimited run time as corded weed eaters, these electric weed eaters both run on 40V Max batteries that promises longer run times.

Also, both these electric weed eaters are known to be lightweight and convenient. They can also be used as an edger and have features that allow you to cut into hard to reach areas.

With these electric weed eaters, maintaining your garden or lawn is done easier. Both of these string trimmers possess technology that allows for a powerful cutting that can also cut long grasses and stubborn weeds with no problem at all. And in terms of maintenance, both these electric string trimmers are known to require less or no maintenance at all and they are also easy to use.


These products are both by Black & Decker and are known for the powerful technology they possess.

These electric string trimmers are known to possess the powerful Power Drive Transmission that makes your cutting more powerful. They can cut long grass and stubborn weeds with no problem at all.

Although one is a corded string trimmer while the other is a cordless string trimmer, both these share the same similarity of being lightweight and highly convenient.

Both these models possess the Automatic Feed Spool system that uses centrifugal force to continue work without bumping or having to stop.


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