by Dan | Last Updated: July 12, 2022

This Polan Pro gas trimmer makes claims of ensuring perfection every time it is used. The trimmer can be fitted with up to six optional attachments that the user can employ to provide a better lawn maintenance experience. With its straight shaft and a seventeen inches wide swath, it will give improved precision and trim more areas, with lesser strokes in faster time. The 23cc two cycles engine is guaranteed to offer users the adequate power to cut thick, tough and tall plants. The product is fitted with a spring assisted start system that makes starting the trimmer a walk in the park. It is powered by gas and fueled with a mixed ratio. This trimmer makes comparably lesser noise than other gas powered trimmers.


    Ergonomic design: its dimensions are 44.75 inches x 9 inches x 8.25 inches, and it weighs 11.1 pounds. It is slightly heavier than the average gas power two cycle trimmers.

    Easy starting: the trimmer is equipped with an automatic return stop switch, which automatically flips the switch back to the ‘ON’ position to make starting the trimmer easier. The spring assisted start also contributes to the ease users experience when they are starting this trimmer.

    Air purge technology: it is almost self-cleaning, as the trimmer is designed, to pump air into the carburetor and fuel storage which also helps with starting it.

    Its shaft is detachable from the cutting head, giving easy access for cleaning and storage.

    Straight shaft: the straight shaft makes it a favorite for users because it is easy to trim the hard to reach areas.

    Warranty: the manufacturers offer two years warranty on defects or flaws that occurred during the production process.

    Trigger speed control

    Eight inches saw bar with a detachable trimmer head

    Foam air filter

    Feed string system: with a dual line exit, the user has to bump the cutting head against the ground slightly, to get a fresh extension of string when the string runs out. The string feed system can hold up to twenty-five feet of the string before it runs out.


    External attachments include a pole saw which can use for cutting tree branches, an edger that can help with precision during edging, a cultivator for turning the soil, and a blower that would give you a cleaner finish when you are done with trimming.

    Ergonomic handle: the handle helps to evenly distribute the heavy weight of the trimmer in a way that gave the user more control and balance.

    Suitable for various lawn maintenance needs:  utilizing the six optional attachments, will give the user multiple options to serve all the lawn maintenance requirements, without having to buy other devices.

    The length of the shaft is quite long, with an additional three feet extension, which can give about forty inches at its full height. It is a perfect fit for people who are short or have an average height, and it can also be adjusted to fit taller people.

    It is gas powered, so the user doesn’t have to worry about tripping on a cord, or having replacement batteries in storage. You can cover wider portions until you have to stop to refuel.


    Heavyweight: although this a challenge peculiar to gas powered trimmers, at 11.1 pounds, this gas trimmer weighs more than the average gas trimmer.

    Eco-friendly and NonCARB compliant: the Polan Pro gas trimmer is not consistent with the guidelines of the California Air Resources Board. The guidelines were designed to help combat the high emission levels of volatile organic compounds. With its two cycle engine, this Polan Pro trimmer is not eco-friendly because of the higher unburned gas emissions which will increase the incidence of air pollution in the environment.

    Power cuts: some old users have complained about experiencing power cuts in the middle of a lawn trimming session. Although, they also reported that the trimmer started after a few minutes of rest.



To replace the trimmer line, unscrew the cap on the base of the cutting head. Separate the guide ring and the spool from the trimmer head. The feed storage can take a total of twenty-five feet of line, which you will measure and cut. Push one end of the line into the hole at the center of the empty spool; continue to pull the line until it remains just about four to six inches of line. Leave the extra inches out and refit the spool, the guide, and the cap. Ensure that the notched part of the guide doesn’t face the spool and that the six inches left out, fits snugly into the notch.


The fuel is in a mixed ratio that is you need a mixture of oil and gas, in ratio forty to one because the engine of the trimmer doesn’t have separate storage for oil and gas. The engine needs to be lubricated continuously by the oil and gas mix. Avoid using just gas; this can wreck the motor. It is also recommended that you use 87 octanes regular unleaded gasoline for the trimmer.


The drive shaft is the conduit that links the engine to the lines that cutting the grass. Good maintenance of the drive shaft means that the shaft is regularly lubricated. To lubricate the driveshaft, just unscrew the gear box which is attached to the lower end of the drive shaft to detach it, then pull the shaft out through the bottom and lubricate it with a medium coating of lubricant. 


 A foam air filter is attached to the trimmer. To clean the air filter, wash it with warm water and soap, rinse out the soap and leave the filter to air dry. It is advised that you clean the air filter this way after every five hours of nonstop use. When reinstalling the air filter, apply some drops of oil to the filter to lubricate the gasoline edgers. 


    NATURE OF THE YARD TO BE MAINTAINED: If your garden is filled with thick, tough and tall weeds especially weed as tall as five inches or more, and you have some trees growing in different parts, a gas powered trimmer is your best option. And not just any gas trimmer but the Polan Pro because the power output of the engine is high enough that it can seamlessly cut through tough tree branches and thick weeds.  Gas powered trimmers are more equipped to deal with thicker and tougher grass or weeds than the other electric or battery powered variants.

    PROFESSIONAL USAGE: This is a great choice and can be used quite effectively in place of some commercial trimmers because of its high capacity and the multiple attachments options which can serve a variety of need. Professionals will find this trimmer a worthy addition to their portfolio because it is a one size fits all devices. 

    MEDIUM/LARGE YARD: The wide swath of about seventeen inches, the ergonomic handle, and the great capacity make it an ideal option for people who have medium or large sized yards. You are assured of a significant reduction in the time you spend on trimming when you use this trimmer. It is very fast, and the ergonomic handle efficiently distributes the weight such that you do not tire out easy, even after prolonged usage.


It is very essential to consider the design and the efficiency of a gas trimmer before making the decision to purchase it. The Polan Pro has a great design; it is not too short, not too long and can be customized to fit the height of the user due to its extendable shaft. The gas trimmer is also quite productive with its attached extensions, making it very multifunctional and cost efficient it is like carrying multiple tools in one device. Old users have commented that the trimmer works so efficiently even after extended usage that it can be used to trim small trees without stress.

It cuts through thick and tall grass with so much precision and in record time. It is has a straight shaft; so the cutting head can trim around fences, beneath bushes and even around tree roots which are typically hard to reach areas. 

Although there might be complaints because the Polan Pro is not a four stroke engine the two stroke engine which it has is better with regards to the power output which is considerably higher and the weight, which is also lighter than the four strokes variant. It is also a cheaper alternative. The Polan Pro trimmer is a great investment especially for people who have to use the trimmers regularly.

It is, without a doubt, one of the best gas powered trimmers available, and we recommend it because of the various benefits we have examined.